A Memorandum of INCOSE Russian Chapter SEMAT

March 29, 2013 in News

INCOSE Russian chapter pays a lot of attention to the proper description of systems engineering practices and methods. Situational method engineering standards, such as OPFRO OPF, SPEM 2.0 and ISO 24744, have been discussed at chapter’s meetings and conferences. These standards have also been used by chapter members to describe their systems engineering methods.

SEMAT is a global initiative started in 2009. It attempts to formulate the second generation of situational method engineering standard that focuses more on practitioners than methodologists.  A result of SEMAT is the newly submitted proposal to OMG:  “Essence – Kernel and Language for Software Engineering Methods”

Despite the fact that Essence is rooted in the software engineering domain, the INCOSE Russian chapter and the SEMAT community leaders are confident that Essence , with some minor modification, is also suitable for systems engineering.

Thus there is a need to extend Essence to make it suitable for describing Model Based Systems Engineering endeavors by generalizing  “software system” to a broader kind of system-of-interest, for example system of systems. We should develop kernel extension for modeling model-based and model-driven (with generative design and manufacturing) types of systems engineering practices.

For this purposes INCOSE Russian chapter will:

  1. Recommend Essence as a preferable standard for systems engineering, including usage in systems engineering tutorials and curricula
  2. Promote harmonization of Essence with other standardization recommendations (e.g. ISO 15926 initiatives, i.e. try to map Essence to ISO 15926 to have compatible form of Essence representation for contemporary CAD/CAE/PLM systems and issue trackers)
  3. Appoint liaison (Andrey Bayda) to represent INCOSE Russian Chapter in SEMAT research and standardization activities

SEMAT community will:

  1. Support generalizing Essence domain to other domains, in particular to systems engineering.
  2. Provide advice on modeling systems engineering practices to INCOSE Russian chapter.
  3. Recognize INCOSE Russian chapter liaison (Andrey Bayda) for coordinating work between the two parties

Essence Tutorial 2013 at ICSE 2013

March 28, 2013 in News

Please join us and practice Essence Tutorial at ICSE 2013 in San Francisco on May 25, 2013 and be part of a worldwide movement towards finding a common ground and a foundational theory of software engineering.  For more information of the Essence Tutorial, please click here. This tutorial is paired with a workshop on a General Theory of Software Engineering 2013 (GTSE 2013). Registration: http://2013.icse-conferences.org/content/registration

SEMAT Has Taken a Major Step Towards a Standard

March 24, 2013 in News

This week, Essence — the Kernel and the Language for Software Engineering Methods was endorsed by a large majority of the Analysis and Design Task Force  (ADTF) of OMG. The Architecture Board later went the same path and further endorsed it. While the votes this week completed the major technical review of the Essence specification, the OMG process continues with membership voting before the submission is finally and formally adopted as a standard. Rest assured we will get there.

SEMAT is celebrating what we described as our first major milestone in our long-term plan. Now we start working on many different tracks. We have a solid base that can directly be used to run any style software project including Scrum and Kanban. We can start describing practices on top of this kernel and develop a practice library. We can develop tools to help teams achieve measurable progress and results in their work.

Revised Essence Proposal Submitted to OMG

March 1, 2013 in News

The revised version of Essence — Kernel and Language for Software Engineering Methods has been submitted to OMG. The proposal will be presented and voted on during the OMG meeting to be held on March 20, 2013 in Washington D.C. A copy of the revised version can be downloaded at Essence Revised Submission.