Technical Program GTSE 2015

Session 1 900-1030
Paul Ralph, Gregor Engels, Ivar Jacobson, Michael Goedicke Introduction to GTSE 2015
Jon Hall, Lucia Rapanotti Towards a design-theoretic characterisation of software development process models
Pontus Johnson, Mathias Ekstedt Exploring Theory of Cognition for General Theory of Software Engineering – Predicting the Effort of Program Language Comprehension
Session 2 1100-1230
Barry Boehm (Keynote) Developing and Evolving a Value-Based Theory of Software Engineering
Balbir Barn, Ravinder Barn An Approximate Theory for Value Sensitivity
Arbi Ghazarian A Theory of Software Complexity
June Park Essence-Based, Goal-Driven Adaptive Software Engineering
Session 3 1400-1530
Dewayne E Perry, Don Batory A Theory about the Structure of GTSEs
Mark Staples The Unending Quest for Valid, Useful Software Engineering Theories
Session 4 1600-1730
Group Discussion