These eminent members of our industry support the Semat Call for Action statement (the “Grand Vision”). The detailed implementation of that vision, the work of the Semat community and the standards efforts at OMG are carried out by independent groups, and may not represent the opinions of these signatories.


Pekka Abrahamsson Scott Ambler Victor Basili Jean Bézivin
Robert V. Binder Dines Bjorner Barry Boehm Alan W. Brown
Larry Constantine Steve Cook Bill Curtis Donald Firesmith
Erich Gamma Carlo Ghezzi Tom Gilb Robert L. Glass
Ellen Gottesdiener Martin Griss Sam Guckenheimer David Harel
Brian Henderson-Sellers Ivar Jacobson Capers Jones Philippe Kruchten
Dean Leffingwell Harold “Bud” Lawson Robert Martin Bertrand Meyer
James Odell Meilir Page-Jones Dieter Rombach Ken Schwaber
Alec Sharp Richard Soley Ian Sommerville Andrey Terekhov
Fuqing Yang Edward Yourdon