OMG Proposal Submission

February 22, 2012 in News

We are happy to let you know that on February 20, 2012  the working group of Semat has submitted the proposal, entitled “Essence – Kernel and Language for Software Engineering”,  to respond to the OMG RFP: Foundation for the Agile Creation and Enactment of Software Engineering Methods (FACESEM) RFP (OMG Document ad/2011-06-26).  The proposal provides comprehensive definitions and descriptions of the kernel and the language of software engineering methods, which meet (address) the mandatory requirements set forth in the FACESEM RFP.

This proposal can be found here: “Essence – Kernel and Language for Software Engineering”.

The working group has been working intensively for the past a couple of months in preparing for this submission. The next step is to give a presentation during an OMG meeting in March in Washington D.C. There are 3 initial submissions which will all present during the OMG meeting.